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  I have a new CD, I'm Goin' Back!  Lap Steel, Folkie stuff, Harmonica, Blues, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Doggie Song, guest stars & more!  And downloads, of course. Info is available at my website, and by the way I have a YouTube channel:  http://m.youtube.com/user/lhutcherson



 We are having a CD release show/party at MARSH WOODWINDS in Raleigh NC on  OCTOBER 11, appx. 7:30-10:30.  

Early show on Friday night!

Acoustic and electric sets!


I'm Goin' Back  is now available from CD BABY through my website

. http://larryhutchersonmusic.com/   

--and pretty much everywhere CDs are sold (online)- itunes, Amazon, etc. 


If you're an Internet Radio fan, I believe that most of what's playing is from the new CD.


If you've been on my website, you know this already and may have already digitally or physically purchased,  and if so, thanks.



I'm still doing my house gig at one of the premiere restaurants in our area, THE IRREGARDLESS CAFE, an institution forever in Raleigh.  Alternating Sundays Brunch.  I bring as many musical toys as I can fit in my car, lap steels, resonators, 6 and 12 strings, electric and acoustic, harmonicas, keyboards, etc etc.  Students and guest stars drop in to play.  Always fun.


Looks like I will be doing a Ukelele project in association with Artspace culminating in a ukelele ensemble performance at FIRST NIGHT, Raleigh's gigantic downtown New Year's Eve celebration.  More later.


I've been gigging with The Mustard Brothers from the Raleigh Area of North Carolina, and we play some local venues .  Drop in if we're in your neighborhood.


I've also done some sideman gigs with Canadian-born Savannah GA singer-songwriter Lauren LaPointe and with regional folkie singer-songwriter Eric Bannan recently.  A couple of songs from Lauren's gig with me are on my YouTube channel.  She's touring relentlessly, check her out.  Both these were at Sola Coffee, a lovely place with some of the nicest folks ever---the owner carried my amp & gear in!  They also have a coffee drive-thru!!



At home we added 10 more panels to our solar array, we're pumping power big-time,  and since we needed a new roof, we got highly reflective, energy-star shingles which reduce heat inside.  Tax incentives for both!  Now's the time to make the leap on solar, folks!  Prices are going to creep up again.



Chris Hutcherson's band, recording act GROSS GHOST, will be one of the first acts opening downtown Raleigh's fabulous  HOPSCOTCH MUSIC FESTIVAL on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.  Check schedule for times.  Chris plays mighty drums on Stolen Heart on the new CD. 

Thanks for the love and support!


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Sleepwalk-live duo (lap steel)

Secret Agent Man 

I Walked the miles -live duo (lap steel)

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Foggy Mountain Breakdown-Ukuleles

Europa-Lap steel 

Ashoken Farewell-Resonator and Ukulele



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