April 28, 2015


Hello all!

Greetings to new subscribers & friends—and the folks who’ve already connected with me.  Thanks for joining the party! I hope to meet everyone sooner or later…

     Larry Hutcherson is trying to manage his time!  And getting busier it seems.  I thought that May was going to be the month to finish up some projects, catch a breather, and catch up in general, but things keep popping up… looks like some sit-in gigs, studio work, private band & duo shows, and another Roadhouse show on May 15, plus the usual stuff.., plus a Raleigh Ukulele Ensemble gig, a student jam…all great, all fun, but a lot of stuff!!

Hope you’ve been able to catch the vids from the Pittsboro Roadhouse gig, the last few I’ve posted, with the band.  There will be a few more when I get a chance… As well as the eventual finishing up of a few new recorded songs.  In fact, I’m going to work on those right now!! 




Happy Almost Spring!

The band had a great time at our gig at The Pittsboro Roadhouse in February.  Two live videos from the show are up on my YouTube channel with more coming in the next few weeks.  They includie new originals featuring Lap Steel as well as Uke and Electric  Guitar.  Hope you enjoy them. Keep checking for new tunes from Larry.  Getting close to release date.

Meanwhile, stay warm and safe!

Hey folks,

 Thanks for checking out my music. 
 I really appreciate all the wonderful comments, and I won't forget them. 

 Pro photographer DAVE BRAINARD got some cool pix at our gig last week at LORRAINE'S COFFEE HOUSE & MUSIC. We should be throwing some of those up, with Dave's permission.

 Recording has been hard to fit into a busy schedule, but it is proceeding. The pace will ease up after November, so please hang in there. 
 I'm adding an 8-string Resonator (slide) to the instrumental mix, for some acoustic stuff I've done for lap work, hope you like it. 

For people in my North Carolina neighborhood:

The BAND will be playing at THE PITTSBORO ROADHOUSE AND GENERAL STORE, Pittsboro NC, Friday Nov 7--it's an early show. This is a nice place, restaurant up front, roomy concert area w/ good PA and seating, easy to get to. 

SOLO I'll be doing the IRREGARDLESS CAFE long-time regular Sunday Brunch 10am (!) -2:30 pm, on October 26 and November 9. Busy place, so if you want to hear clear, ask them to seat you close to the stage! Nice place, good food & staff. 
 More later.

Hope to see you soon,


Hi everyone, 

Larry here.

To new friends, thanks for joining the party;

to old friends, thanks for sticking around.

Making steady progress on the new album, I’m happiest with this one of all.  So far!

Hopefully some of it will be done in Aug.

YouTube channel is at nearly 210,000 views. 

There is a new one as well!! 

This was Larry on Lap Steel with Jeff Hart and the Ghosts of the Old North State, at their CD release party at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, one of NC’s most prestigious venues.

Here’s the link for 2 songs:


Don’t be fooled by the titles--these are 2 completely different versions of the same song, both outstanding! Good videography & sound, too.

Link to my website:


which has links to YT channel, vids, etc. 

Hoping to shoot some vid at our upcoming gig at PITTSBORO ROADHOUSE

on Aug 8, so friends & neighbors please drop in & make some noise.

Pittsboro is a great little place, and I’m doing a solo there on the 16th at THE MODERN LIFE.

Also sitting in with THE MUSTARD BROTHERS, THE BLUE CATS, and THE RALEIGH UKELELE ENSEMBLE in the upcoming weeks, so I am busy!

Please join the email list on our website.

There will be some thingies coming.

Thanks again everyone,

hope to see you soon


Hi Everyone!

Just returned from the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance conference in the beautiful mountains of NC. Played 4 Guerrilla Showcases and backed up very talented Lauren Lapointe on the main stage.  Lots of great music and fellowship!

On return to Raleigh Sunday, the Raleigh Ukelele Ensemble, under my direction, performed at Artsplosure in Raleigh NC.  The crowd rocked out and sang along to a great performance that ranged from "Over the Rainbow" to "House of the Rising Sun" to "Dock of the Bay".  Great fun in the sun on a beautiful Sunday.

Gigs in the Wake county libraries are in progress and are being met with enthusiasm and lots of questions about the many instruments on which I am performing.  Really fun and great close up interaction.

More gigs cropping up and hopefully more Youtube vids will be in the offing sometime soon. Please keep checking in!

Hi Gang,


Welcome to all our new friends.  Thanks for joining the party!


It’s the last 3rd of March, 2014, and we have been busy.  You too, I’m sure!


Here’s what’s up with us:


     The weather continues to bedevil us all, and has wrecked yet another gig for the full Larry Hutcherson Band, at the historic Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store.  Our drummer, living near Greensboro, NC was powerless for a week after.  I have sent a letter of complaint to the local weather station, as yet have recieved no reply...   

     However we have rescheduled the gig for April 10 at 7pm.


The Raleigh Ukelele Ensemble Returns!

Our  Ensemble is now rolling again, after much delay.  We are recruiting, and anyone in the neighborhood of Raleigh who wants to take a swing at joining a Ukelele Army can contact me!  


Slowly, slowly, I am putting together a newbatch of songs.... I will get more stuff up ASAP.  Soon!

I have been busy!


  • I’m doing some shows for the Wake County Library System in May;
  • Still a sideman with the Mustard Brothers, with some local gigs in April;
  • Still doing bi-weekly Brunch at the Irregardless Cafe (NO SHOW on March 30!);
  • Working on the aforementioned recording;
  • Prepping the old farmhouse and the lower 40 for spring;
  • Doing a live broadcast with friend and fellow Raleigh Ukelele Ensemble teammate Mark Healy at Little Raleigh Radio!!    


Sweet Dreams, Muley, who passed on New Years Eve.  20 years a faithful, fun, smart and loving friend.

We love you always.


Dobby                              Tonks


Pictures of Larry in the radio studio, Muley, Dobby and Tonks are posted in the photo section of this website 

















Happy Valentines day, everyone,

 I guess if I'm going to do a Feb newsletter, I'd better do one.

 The big news is that we've been snowed in for days, along with a lot of other people all over the country, but its Valentines day and the sun is out and life goes on ...

So this weekend, after missing a ton of work this month, I have 3 gigs in 2 days:

Opening a Maui Jim's at noon on Sat 15 in Raleigh-Cary area(!) --Hawaiian Shirt is the requested attire. (I play the uke--gigs like this pop up. It should be fun);

Saturday night at a cool local pub, The Flipside in Clayton NC,

Sunday Brunch at the crack of 10am at the newly renovated (great improvements to stage and sound, too) IRREGARDLESS CAFE in Raleigh NC.

And the LARRY HUTCHERSON ELECTRIC BAND will be playing at THE PITTSBORO ROADHOUSE on March 6, with Loretta Valenski on keys, Joe Knowlton on bass, and Trey Gray on drums. This is a great, big, roomy room, (with dining), plenty of seating, and a cool place. Come out if you live in the area. We would love to see you.

 Work on the new CD begins!




Howdy, folks.

Big doin's in the Raleigh area, blasting into the new year.

A little break due after the slam of December. 

But only a little.

Starting work on a new album next week.

Starting another round of Ukelele group lessons for Artsplosure of Raleigh in February.

Playing a new room on Tuesday, Jan 28, the Pittsboro Roadhouse in Pittsboro NC, an historic site---an acoustic solo dinner set.

I'll do a band gig there in March.

More info soon on More Big Doin's!



Triple-gig New Years' Eve, 2 shows fronting the RALEIGH UKELELE ENSEMBLE featuring  my partners in crime JOE KNOWLTON  and LORETTA VALENSKI.  And the ukelele class students ROCKED!

The first show ended at 5:00pm.  At 5.0.01.....well, you know these disaster movies where you see a tidal wave sweeping toward the helpless crowd, who scramble in vain to escape?  We were swept aside by a crowd of grimly gleeful,  hopping jump-ropers, and their young audience.  I risked life and limb to rescue a ukelele separated from its' owner by a surge of little trampling feet!!

The second show was an opening for the Durham Ukelele Orchestra and YouTube superstar James Hill.

By my third gig, with Harry (the Resonators),  my voice was---pretty good!  That authentic 'tired' sound,  but good control. 

PS!!  New LIVE BAND VIDEO on the YouTube:


Hi everyone,


Thanks again to everyone for being a part of our ongoing adventure.


Happy to be sending another newsletter.


I'm hoping to find the time to come out next year and play near some of you.  Stay tuned.


For the last few months our team has been super, super busy. 


Our CD,  I'm Goin' Back, continues to get International airplay (and would make a great Holiday gift, by the way).


My duo acoustic project, The Resonators, will be playing on the 14th and also on New Years Eve at Bistro 618 in Raleigh.


My bandmates Joe Knowlton on bass and Loretta Valenski on keyboards, vocals, etc. will be my helpers on Christmas Eve at irregardless Cafe in Raleigh, for a special Kids Show,  Larry and the Elves (!) This in addition to my regular gig there.


Plus studio work.


Our Raleigh Ukelele Ensemble/ Uke Class is proceeding along, tightening up for our ARTSPLOSURE FIRST NIGHT shows in downtown Raleigh on New Years Eve.  I played some Artsplosure shows years ago in the Spring Festival, and was a downtown mainstay also on NYE at GREENSHIELDS pub before it was destroyed by fire, and it's great to be back working with these folks.   AND I've been doing some other work for  Artsplosure as well.


And our mule has been sick, but she is improving.


So I've been slammed BUT- New Video and Music projects are in the works!  More info in January--things are heating up.


Happy Holidays


Hi kids!

It's a Newsletter!

  I have a new CD, I'm Goin' Back!  Lap Steel, Folkie stuff, Harmonica, Blues, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Doggie Song, guest stars & more!  And downloads, of course. Info is available at my website.

 YouTube channel:  http://m.youtube.com/user/lhutcherson


I'm Goin' Back is available from CD BABY through my website

. http://larryhutchersonmusic.com/   

--and pretty much everywhere CDs are sold (online)- itunes, Amazon, etc. 

 If you're an Internet Radio fan, most of what's playing is from the new CD.



New Video from our CD release show/party at MARSH WOODWINDS in Raleigh NC. acoustic and electric songs. They're on the YouTube channel in playlist form.


Trying to get some new material together while balancing teaching hours, Gigging hours, and the rest of things that life require of our time.  There are some tunes that wouldn't fit on the last CD, either from time constraints or they just didn't mix with the overall feel. Hoping to get a few of those available for the holiday season.

I'm also doing a gig on Dec. 21with the MUSTARD BROS BAND at the Clubhouse in Garner, NC


 Christmas Eve

You  might catch me and my merrie bande at one of the premiere restaurants in our area, THE IRREGARDLESS CAFE, an institution forever in Raleigh, doing the Christmas Eve Kiddie Show.  Come on out, we'll have noisemakers and shaky toys & stuff--this will  be mostly Christmasy kid sing along music, not a regular show.  Generally I play Alternating weeks there for Sunday Brunch and bring my own musical toys--as many as I can fit in my car-- lap steels, resonators, 6 and 12 strings, electric and acoustic, harmonicas, keyboards, etc etc.  Students and guest stars drop in to play.  Always fun.


New Year's Eve Triple Gigs!

Yes, I'm leading the Raleigh Ukelele Ensemble on New Years' Eve at the FIRST NIGHT CELEBRATION in downtown Raleigh -2 shows 7:15 at the First Baptist Church on Salisbury Street and an afternoon show, time & place forthcoming. This is a group of students who are the vanguard of a Ukelele Army which will soon encircle the globe and Make Sense Of It All. Musical Sense. These will be fun shows! Then I will scurry over to the 618 BISTRO, Lake Boone Trail Road, for an acoustic set with my duo THE RESONATORS! with Harry Tueting  (Harry's Guitar Shop)


Thanks for the love and support!


CD release party

Larry on lap steel with the band at the CD Release Party, Oct. 11, 2013

October Newsletter

Hi everyone!

 The CD release party on October 11 was a smashing success!  Marsh Woodwinds is a great performance venue, and we were packed with good friends.  Sorry if you missed it and we wish we could have invited everyone, but seating was limited.

Video of the performance is going up on YouTube, so keep checking Larry's Channel for recent activity.

Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/lhutcherson

Also, the CD, I'm Goin' Back, is available in hard copy and downloadable from CD baby, Amazon, iTunes, and many other outlets, so enjoy! (Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!)

Songs from the CD are also being played on Jango Radio and are available from Spotify, so enjoy, share, and have fun with the music.

Our Ukulele group is making great progress and we are looking forward to a possible performance on New Years Eve at First Night in Raleigh NC.  We will keep you posted as to the details.

Also, Larry's ensemble will be providing Christmas Eve music, including special songs for the kids, at Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh, NC, so if Grandma's house is too far, bring the kids, and we will have some Holiday Fun.

Please continue to visit my website, my YouTube Channel and my Facebook page for further updates, videos, etc.


Hi kids! 


It's a Newsletter!



  I have a new CD, I'm Goin' Back!  Lap Steel, Folkie stuff, Harmonica, Blues, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Doggie Song, guest stars & more!  And downloads, of course. Info is available at my website, and by the way I have a YouTube channel:  http://m.youtube.com/user/lhutcherson



 We are having a CD release show/party at MARSH WOODWINDS in Raleigh NC on  OCTOBER 11, appx. 7:30-10:30.  

Early show on Friday night!

Acoustic and electric sets!


I'm Goin' Back  is now available from CD BABY through my website

. http://larryhutchersonmusic.com/   

--and pretty much everywhere CDs are sold (online)- itunes, Amazon, etc. 


If you're an Internet Radio fan, I believe that most of what's playing is from the new CD.


If you've been on my website, you know this already and may have already digitally or physically purchased,  and if so, thanks.



I'm still doing my house gig at one of the premiere restaurants in our area, THE IRREGARDLESS CAFE, an institution forever in Raleigh.  Alternating Sundays Brunch.  I bring as many musical toys as I can fit in my car, lap steels, resonators, 6 and 12 strings, electric and acoustic, harmonicas, keyboards, etc etc.  Students and guest stars drop in to play.  Always fun.


Looks like I will be doing a Ukelele project in association with Artspace culminating in a ukelele ensemble performance at FIRST NIGHT, Raleigh's gigantic downtown New Year's Eve celebration.  More later.


I've been gigging with The Mustard Brothers from the Raleigh Area of North Carolina, and we play some local venues .  Drop in if we're in your neighborhood.


I've also done some sideman gigs with Canadian-born Savannah GA singer-songwriter Lauren LaPointe and with regional folkie singer-songwriter Eric Bannan recently.  A couple of songs from Lauren's gig with me are on my YouTube channel.  She's touring relentlessly, check her out.  Both these were at Sola Coffee, a lovely place with some of the nicest folks ever---the owner carried my amp & gear in!  They also have a coffee drive-thru!!



At home we added 10 more panels to our solar array, we're pumping power big-time,  and since we needed a new roof, we got highly reflective, energy-star shingles which reduce heat inside.  Tax incentives for both!  Now's the time to make the leap on solar, folks!  Prices are going to creep up again.



Chris Hutcherson's band, recording act GROSS GHOST, will be one of the first acts opening downtown Raleigh's fabulous  HOPSCOTCH MUSIC FESTIVAL on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.  Check schedule for times.  Chris plays mighty drums on Stolen Heart on the new CD. 

Thanks for the love and support!


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