Yesterday I was playing a ukulele version of “Over the Rainbow’.  A lady came up to me as I was finishing my set.  She was tiny and frail, and spoke very softly.

      “I wanted to tell you how wonderful “Over the Rainbow’ was to me.” she said, “And how it brought back memories.

     “I’m an old woman from England.  When I was a little girl, 9 or ten years old—this was back during the war, World War Two— we had a terrible rainstorm, a terrible storm.

     “And when the storm was over, we went out to play, and we saw the most beautiful, big rainbow. And one of the little girls started singing ‘Over the Rainbow’.  And it was the most beautiful thing.

     “And when we got home, the war was over.

     “And the bluebirds were all right.

     “I’m an old woman now, and in a lot of pain.  But hearing you play that song brought that memory back, and I just wanted to tell you how happy it made me.”

 She was smiling and crying.  She wiped her tears, and then she was helped, still smiling, back into her wheelchair.  She had made a special effort to come up and speak to me.

    Most people in the US know nothing about what the British faced in WW II—real, daily threats from just miles away—the Nazis had invaded France just across the Channel.  They had real food shortages, nightly bombing—they still find unexploded bombs in London from time to time.  Few if any had not lost a friend or loved one. I realized what a powerful memory that was, and how frightening and strange  that wartime must have been to a little girl.           

     Much of music is inextricably linked to memories that are powerful and that we care about.  So the next time we are about to trash some song because we’ve heard it too many times, I hope we think about what certain songs, especially if they involve fond memories or sweet feelings, mean to us.  The songs that we may be tired of may mean something special to someone else.


I sure am glad I played ‘Over the Rainbow’. 



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